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Spring jewelry


Lately I’m really taken by the Groupon-like website Heartsy, which offers deals from Etsy sellers.  The beautiful jewelry in the offers (some of which I’ve also purchased) has inspired me to get my jewelry-making supplies out. I’ve been taking apart jewelry that I made in the past and using the pieces to make “new” items that are more in tune with my current style and clothing selections.

I did purchase a few update supplies, such as 100 inches of this black chain and some matching black findings (the clasps, etc.).

The colors in this red and amber set were inspired by a necklace I wanted from a Heartsy offer.  I would have bought it but the deal sold out too fast.  I may still ask for the inspiration piece for Mothers’ Day or something, since mine really only resembles it in color.  The other had pretty handmade clay beads that I do not have the tools to make, plus I wouldn’t want to just flat out copy another design.  I do like my set in the same colors in the meantime.

I also put together some earrings to match.

4th of July


I’d hoped to make myself a patriotic bandana to match the kids’ outfits for today but didn’t get around to it. I did pull out earrings and a bracelet I made from really neat red, white and blue chevron beads a while back. A friend once gave me the tip of storing sterling silver jewerly in itty bitty ziploc bags (available in the beading section of discount stores) and it works so well. I think this is the eighth year I’ve worn this set and I’ve never polished the silver parts, because they don’t tarnish in their little baggies during the rest of the year.

And here are my wee Americans, all decked out in their stars. Unfortunately the baby’s romper is too big, as I suspected, and in this picture the sleeve falling down his chubby little shoulder makes him look like he’s wearing a dress. Sigh. But in person I think he carried it off with masculine dignity! I designed this little card in Photoshop and had it printed at Walgreens through Snapfish to send to family. So much cheaper than ordering their cards and I can order just the right number (no pack of twenty cards when we only have two sets of doting grandparents). We had a great afternoon celebrating with family and neighbors, and are joining a neighborhood gathering for fireworks later tonight. I tried to explain the nature of the celebration to Dorothy, and I think she took in some of it. May she grow up to value diversity and tolerance in our great land, and to accept good-naturedly the fact that her father and I are about to torment her by singing the Star Spangled Banner on her kazoo.

A first swim


Since Dorothy ended up being available after all on Friday she got to make more beautiful beaded things. She made a lovely long necklace for me which I’ve been wearing with pride. (Although I can’t decide–is it better to have a child use the standard neon plastic beads and then wear her artwork knowing everyone will know it was made by a child, or better do to as I did and let her use “grown-up” beads, giving the final product a quirky and mismatched look for which there is no obvious explanation?) She also fashioned something that I never though of myself in all my years of beading–a beaded crown. She’s wearing it in the photo above. Unfortunately it won’t stay put very easily and she’s allergic to bobby pins after our experience trying to affix her ballet recital tiara to her straight, glossy hair.

We traveled to Cincinnati this weekend with my family and had a terrific time. In addition to taking in the aquarium and children’s museum we stayed in a hotel with a pool, which was probably the little girls’ favorite part. Baby Worth took his first swim and, um, got a taste of his first food–chlorinated pool water. Yuck! Highlights of trip included my brother kindly securing a wheelchair for my grandfather in case he needed to sit, Granddad refusing to use it, then my daughter and niece hijacking it to ride around gleefully squealing “we’re old! We’re in a wheelchair because we’re old!” And being seated at dinner over a table of bachelorette partiers wearing plastic tiaras (and nose rings and glasses and t-shirts that involved the word “bitch”) who were identified by my smitten niece as real princesses. She wouldn’t take her eyes off them the whole night!

Family jewels


I’d been wanting to do beading with Dorothy and had been waiting for the right day. Today seemed good, so I mentally reserved the late afternoon for some mother/daughter crafting. But then my girly, who spent the night with her Nana and Opa last night and apparently slept very little, sacked out all afternoon. After two hours of her nap I went ahead and got the beading things ready–just to have them out. After two and a half I decided to just start without her. I made myself a necklace inspired by the tag-style ones that are popular now. I put little screws in Scrabble tiles with the initials of my two kids and then strung them on a chain I already had with pendants I made from their birthstones.

Dorothy finally woke up from her over three hour nap and was very excited with the new craft. She dug right in (“I don’t need help, Mom.”) and went to work. I’ve had to practically drag her from the table to complete the day’s other activities. And now it’s nearly ten o’clock and as I type this she’s still stringing beads, arguing with her father about the necessity of stopping for the night. I just told her we could make more jewelry tomorrow and she said, “But I just want to do it tonight; I’m not available tomorrow.” Not true (she is, in fact, available), but oh so funny. And I think she’s making me a new necklace. Fun!