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Hat and mitts


mittmitt22015-10-26 20.43.552015-10-26 20.45.37

I’ve been trying to be a little more organized about the knitting I do for myself. My selection process for projects has mainly been choosing a project for whatever yarn catches my eye and making it, or choosing a yarn for whatever project catches my eye and then making it. This isn’t a bad method, but it leads to a lot of unrelated finished objects that may or may not actually go with anything else I own. Lately I’ve been thinking it might actually be nice to have matching sets. So last winter I made this scarf and am now out of the yarn, which was purchased on clearance. But I don’t own a hat or hand-coverings to wear with it, so if I want to wear it outside with a coat on a cold day (it’s a scarf, right?) I have to grab gloves and/or a hat that don’t go with it in any way, shape, or form, or I have to have cold ears and hands. So I found yarn in my stash that coordinates with the scarf (it’s Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes in Calypso Heather) and set out to make a hat and mitts that I can wear with the other scarf. I wanted a kind of lacy pattern, so I chose the Cranford Mitts pattern, but the yarn is worsted weight, so I adjusted the pattern to have fewer repeats. With the mitts done I made a simple hat with the same pattern across the brim. My underwear will never match, because I’m just not that person, but at least now some of my outerwear will.


Daphne’s Beret


meret-front meret-back meret-side

I had just enough yarn left over from my Christmas cowl to make a hat for Daphne. I made the mystery beret pattern in the smallest size and didn’t do any of the extra rows. Really, I think extra rows would have looked better but I was low on yarn. As it was, I finished the hat with about a foot of yarn left! This hat will look sweet on her this winter, and I think I may make the pattern again for myself.

A cowl for Christmas



What’s up with me and neck-things? I’d been working on one cowl in the house and one in the car, and they happened to come off the hook at about the same time. (Why did she say “hook?” Because I knook knitting patterns instead of knitting them. Google it!) I bought a beautiful skein of Holiday Yarns’ Super Sheep DK in Persephone at a sweet little yarn shop in Haddonfield, NJ, when I was visiting a friend in that town this summer. It was my birthday on the day I was there and the pretty shades of red spoke to me, so of course I treated myself! The photo doesn’t do it justice; it is so hard to photograph reds. I used the Qiviut Neck Muff pattern, though the wool is superwash merino. This is the second time I’ve made this pattern, and I think I left the last repeat off both times because it was big enough already, but it was a nice pattern. I like the zig-zags and it’s a quick and engaging knit. It’s my plan to wear this basically throughout the month of December. All I have to do is throw on a black or gray knit shirt (or dress, if it’s that kind of occasion) and this cowl will make me look festive because of the pretty colors.

A new cowl


noble-cowl noble-cowl2

A new local yarn store opened in my city last year, but sadly I’ve only been able to visit once. Homeschooling three kids just isn’t very compatible with visiting lovely yarn stores to browse and shop. (No, really, it’s not.) But on my one visit there I picked up this pretty yarn, Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in Slate. It’s merino and so nice. The colors are hard to describe, but they go between olive green and a sort of slate blue. I’d been wanting to knit the popular Ravelry pattern for A Noble Cowl, so I made that my most recent project. Sometimes after a project is done I wish I’d made a different yarn choice, but this wasn’t one of them. Love this yarn with this pattern! I think I’m going to wear this all winter long.

An emerald sweater for me



Every year on our anniversary in June my husband gives me a gift according to some list he has regarding traditional anniversary gifts. So on our first anniversary, he got me something made of paper (a book), year two was cotton, etc. This June we were up to number 12, so my gift was to include silk. After a dozen years of marriage I’ve learned to be very helpful where anniversary gifts are concerned, so several weeks before our anniversary I sent him a list of silk blend yarns that would make a nice gift for me, with hints for color and yardage. Just trying to be a helpful wife, you know! He took the hint and bought me a box of KnitPicks’ Gloss DK yarn in Jade. I was wanting a short-sleeve sweater that could go on its own in the fall or layered under long sleeves all winter. I chose this Summer Violet pattern by DROPS Design. The pattern was great, and I’m surprised I got the sweater done as quickly as I did given how little knitting I felt like I did all summer. I did add two inches to the length and a few extra repeats with decreases to the yoke. The silk/merino blend is very comfortable and I can’t wait to wear it this winter. I just need to come up with some sort of plan for staying away from my constantly-yogurt-covered toddler when I’m wearing it, because I’m pretty sure my handwash-only sweater and my yogurt-covered-toddler might have trouble getting along.

A baby sweater


knit-dress knit-dress2This is a knitted dress I made for a friend’s baby. I love making baby gifts because the time I spend on them gives me time to think about the new baby. This dress is going to a first baby for such a nice couple, and while I made it I got to recall all the excitement and love and expectation that comes along with waiting for a first baby–and a girl, too. What a treat! I used the Garden Trellis Dress pattern from the book Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I used sport-weight yarn, so mine is a little bigger than prescribed, but I knew that going in. I actually very much like the size it turned out because I think it will fit the baby in her first year as a dress, and in her second as a tunic. I used Knit Picks’ Brava yarn in Tidepool so it could be easily laundered. I got a little sidetracked and miscounted on some of the diamonds on the skirt, so they aren’t in exactly the right places according to the pattern, but I felt like you wouldn’t know something was wrong unless you were staring at the pattern so I just went with it.

Twin onesies and Elsa gloves


IMG_6165This is a baby gift I did for a friend who is pregnant with twins. She’s having one boy and one girl, and she likes colorful tie-dye prints and rainbow things. I bought the machine embroidery pattern for the arrow on Etsy, and I knitted the hats out of self-striping, washable yarn. I thought these were so cheery and cute that it almost made me want to have twins. Okay, that’s actually not true at all. But they are cheery and cute!


These are some gloves I made last winter for my niece.  She (like every other small girl, it seems) likes to pretend she’s Elsa from Frozen. Since gloves are kind of central to being Elsa during part of the movie, I thought it would be cute to make her an Elsa-inspired pair. I thought the lace pattern from the Edge-of-Lace hat and mitts I’ve made before were reminiscent of snowflakes, so I used it for the cuffs, then decreased to make child-sized mitts. I used acrylic yarn so they’d wash up easily. My niece seemed pleased with them.