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A soccer bag


Dorothy starts soccer tomorrow! We keep her ballet gear in a special tote bag hung on a hook in her closet so she always knows where to look for little slippers, tutus and tights. I decided a similar approach would probably work well for soccer, but this time the tote needed to be big enough to hold a ball and shin guards. I let Dorothy choose fabric from our stash, and although I was encouraging her toward a sporty bold-colored stripe, she selected this really feminine vintagey floral. But hey, it’s her bag. I used Photoshop to change the colors of a clipart soccer ball to match the fabric, then printed it onto transfer paper intended for dark items (so it would cover the pattern).

If your peanut also needs a soccer tote, cut a 30 inch by 17 inch rectangle from an old sheet, with the 30 inch length going along the finished edge. Fold in half (to make a rectangle 15 by 17 inches, with the finished edge at the top) and stitch up the side and bottom. If desired, square off the bottom by making gussets in the bottom corners. Cut another rectangle 15 by 6 inches. Press the rectangle in half lengthwise, open, then press each edge in toward the middle fold, then re-fold the middle to make a strap 2 inches by 15 inches. Stitch closed and sew to the bag. Iron-on clipart optional.

I have no idea what is going on in this picture, but I just think it’s cute. I love kids in footie pajamas and it was finally chilly enough last night for mine to wear some. Dorothy often wears weather-inappropriate jammies, since she picks out her own, but that doesn’t count. I’d bought these sweet guitar jammies for Worth in size 12 month and he’s almost outgrown them already! I’m not sure how I was planning to wrap up this post, but will now share that Worth is in my lap as I type and just saw the photograph and is now holding his arms up again, in imitation of the kids on the screen. Cute! Must be some new baby trick. 🙂



Dorothy seems to have inherited her father’s enjoyment of running, as opposed to her mother’s enjoyment of NOT running, which is probably a good thing. We entered her in a 5-and-under road race this past weekend and she had a blast. The event was close to our home so we just walked over with her spectating grandparents. She is incredibly proud of her participation medal, which she won’t let me put in a shadow-box frame because “it might not be safe enough,” (which I think means “because I wouldn’t have constant access to it”) and we’ve watched the video I took of her running approximately 1000 times.

And I’m feeling just a bit nostalgic about these last sweet days before my girl starts preschool. Although she’ll probably be coming back home when it’s over (we’re intending to homeschool), this year will still mark a major change in her life, and loss of innocence. I’m excited about the preschool she is attending and I know it’s going to be a great experience, but her wild and free time of babyhood and unselfconscious exploration at my side is coming to an end. Here is a photo of her doing her own thing, in one of these final days with nowhere to be: her teddy bear hooked to her back, her Halloween socks and ruby slippers, her hair finally growing out of the self-inflicted short cut, her hands full of one of her many independent sewing “projects,” which involve snippets and scraps sewn together haphazardly but with grand intention (a backpack, a shirt for Maggie, a quilt, etc.).