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Baby’s rainbow ripple blanket


baby-blanket1 baby-blanket2 baby-blanket3Miss Baby’s crocheted blanket is done! I’ve been working on this slowly since before she was even a thing. I saw the pattern on Ravelry (it’s from the blog LemondedeSucrette) and thought it would look so beautiful in rainbow colors, so I started it, assuming I’d need a baby gift for someone close at some point, then was (I confess) somewhat surprised a few weeks later to discover that I was the one who would have need for a new baby blanket. So I guess that worked out. It’s made out of Knit Pick’s Shine Sport yarn, which is just perfect for baby blankets. I made a solid blue blanket with a cream band around it for Worth out of the same yarn when he was on the way. It’s just the right weight for draping over a baby in a car seat because the blanket puddles softly into all the little crevices yet is so soft and lightweight. I used the colors Serrano, Clementine, Dandelion, Macaw, Reef, French Blue, and Pageant. This has been one of those projects that makes people stop and look if I’m working on it out and about because the colors are just so beautiful. It’s hard to get a photo to do justice to all of them. The yarn is also wonderful because it’s machine-washable and doesn’t bleed; this blanket has already been washed in warm water and dried in the dryer so it is all ready to go.

So I made the blanket a generous size (with Worth in the top photo to show scale) so I can use it to lay her on or to drape over her in the car seat, or wrap her up in it, as needed. It ended up taking two balls of each color yarn. Now I just need a baby to put under it!


A baby jacket


baby-sweaterI made this little jacket for the new baby of a friend. It’s from a pattern in the book One Yard Wonders, which I think I’ve mentioned lately. I got to see it modeled on the new little guy himself last week–very sweet! This was a good baby gift for a friend who knits herself, and thus already has supplied her little one well with booties.

A baby gift


I can’t believe I’m blogging about sewing instead of camping, because we did go camping and it was not a disaster! Yeah! The curse has been broken! I’ll put up photos later, but right now I’m going to share some of the sweet baby crafting I’ve been doing. This fall seems to be a very busy time for babies among my friends and cousins. I’ve been churning out cute little bibs left and right and have finished a couple little projects in too much haste to photograph them, but I did manage to snap these before they were out the door. This is a flannel-lined cotton jacket and booties based on patterns in the One Yard Wonders book. I’ve blogged about patterns from this book before; it’s so great. It’s become my go-to for quick and cute gift ideas. This jacket came together really quickly and could easily be made in fabrics for a boy or a girl. It’s not grouped with the booties in the book but I thought they made natural companions for a gift. These are for the baby girl expected by one of my cousins.

This little diaper kit was inspired by a Pinterest pin. I have always kept little drawstring bags with diaper change supplies tucked in various spots I might need them, and have even given new mothers drawstring bags before with a suggestion to use them as such, but I had not thought of packaging them asĀ  “kit” to make a gift. I bought a pack of newborn diapers (and am now, creepily, being sent baby coupons by Target), some individual wipes packs, a box of disposable changing pads and some individually-wrapped hand-sanitizing wipes. To make up the kits I just stick one or two of each item in a handmade drawstring bag and stick on a little printed label. I’ve now used these bags as add-ons to several baby gifts recently. I feel like they’d make a particularly nice gift to a second-time mother who may be over the hassle of a big diaper bag but who still needs to have all the diaper-change goods at the ready.