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Sweater pants



One decent photo of sweaterpants, minus baby.longies4

One unhappy baby in cute sweater pants.

longies3Back end of cute baby in sweater pants, at my in-laws’ home, with a small chip on the lens of my camera fuzzing over most of the actual pants.
longies2And baby taking steps in cute sweater pants, which have come untied and are sagging.

Fortunately, all other aspects of this project went better than photographing these pants on the baby. These have been in the works for a long time; I started knitting them when I was pregnant, then got bored and wanted to finish things she’d wear first, and I finally picked them back up recently and finished them off. They are made from this longies pattern out of Knitpicks Swish yarn, back when it came in a multi pattern, with two solid Swish colors at the bottoms of the legs because I was going to run out of the multi.  I won’t use them as true longies (like, as a diaper cover) because they are made of washable wool, and because I’m kind of entrenched in my BumGenius routine anyway. These are just for warmth and cuteness. The fit is just adorable and the pattern worked up nicely. I may undo the cuff ribbing and add another stripe when she gets taller because I think the waist and bottom would stretch to fit her for a while if the length were increased. They are so soft and cozy; I want to snuggle her all the time!


Cardinal Girl



I’d like to say thank you to my new visitors from the Right Start Mathematics Facebook page! I was so pleased to have my bags featured there. If you’re looking for more of my posts about homeschooling you can use this link, or go directly to my post about why we homeschool, which includes one of my favorite pictures of our schooling life–in which we are using Right Start Math!

Today I’m sharing another new baby outfit. Daphne needs to show her support for the home team this winter, and has outgrown the baby spiritwear she shared with her brother. I bought a cardinal embroidery pattern for my machine and made her a little personalized bodysuit, then made up some soft and sweet red corduroy pants which should be a good basic for her this holiday season as well. I didn’t use a pattern for the pants because I find I get the best results by just cutting around a pair that already fits her well.

Budget baby sewing


bird-outfit-seated bird-outfit-standing

Little baby outfits like this one are so satisfying because they don’t take much time or many materials. A small amount of baby flannel became basic baby pants, to which I added a leg ruffle for fun. Then I made a small applique with a scrap of fabric and sewed it onto a plain bodysuit. I’ve done a similar thing to bodysuits that were given to us but I didn’t like the design on, but this one was just a nice, soft, plain white one. The pants were a little too long, so I’ve turned up a basted hem on the ruffle, which makes it a little stuff, but I think I should be able to take it back out easily in a couple months when she’s taller, and then these pants should be favorites all winter.