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Comfy baby pants


forest-pants forest-pants2These are some flannel pants I made for Daphne before the holidays. I haven’t blogged about them yet because it’s so difficult to get a stationary picture of a baby wearing pants. If she’s standing up, she’s in motion! These are made similarly to another pair I did photograph earlier. I love comfy little knit baby dresses like this one, but I can’t stand wrestling a baby into tights. Leggings are fine, but cozy little flannel pants are even better. These are just a basic pattern (traced around pants that fit her) with a wide ruffle added to the bottom. The fabric is a sweet woodland print that doesn’t seem to be in stock online anymore. I can’t find it to link to it. Daphne is now at an age to notice what she’s wearing, so she loves to point to the little animals on these pants, and I love how cute and snuggly they are.

Budget baby sewing


bird-outfit-seated bird-outfit-standing

Little baby outfits like this one are so satisfying because they don’t take much time or many materials. A small amount of baby flannel became basic baby pants, to which I added a leg ruffle for fun. Then I made a small applique with a scrap of fabric and sewed it onto a plain bodysuit. I’ve done a similar thing to bodysuits that were given to us but I didn’t like the design on, but this one was just a nice, soft, plain white one. The pants were a little too long, so I’ve turned up a basted hem on the ruffle, which makes it a little stuff, but I think I should be able to take it back out easily in a couple months when she’s taller, and then these pants should be favorites all winter.