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And speaking of woodland creatures, a bag



As a third-time Mom I feel like I have very specific needs as far as bags go. I don’t want to carry a diaper bag, because that’s so 2006 for me, but at the same time I simply must carry, well, diapers. So I like to carry one large bag that can serve as my purse and my assorted-kid-and-baby-crap bag all in one, and it must have many pockets, an outside easy-access pocket for my cell and keys, and both handles and a shoulder strap.

As you can imagine, I sometimes have trouble finding exactly what I’m looking for. I found this decorator-weight fabric last spring when I was looking for something else, and I decided it wanted to be my new bag.fox-bag3Instead of using a pattern, I just kind of created the bag I wanted. I measured to figure out how big it needed to be to serve all my needs, then made a basic, box-shaped bag with a zipper top, a lining, and many, many pockets. I sewed a removable pouch of the same exterior fabric that contains all my diaper-change gear, so on the rare occasions Miss Baby and I goĀ separate ways her little tote can stay with her and I can be off with a lighter load. Perfect! Just don’t call it a diaper bag or we’ll fight. šŸ™‚




tara-bag1tara-bag2I’ve been into zippered pouches lately. ItĀ all started with the purchase of a colorful zipper assortment from an Amazon.com seller, and then kind of took off. I’ve made medium-sized bags for my mother and mother-in-law, cute little boyish belt packs for a couple of Worth’s friends, a beach coin purse for myself, and this little zippered purse for a friend’s one-year-old. Somehow I only managed to snap a photo of this one. It’s fully lined with the same fabrics as the exterior and should be just right for stashing all her toddler sundries. Babies love bags, and zippers too.

notebookI made another composition book cover like the ones I did as favors for Worth’s birthday party, this time covered in exterior decorator fabric and embellished with the recipient’s name. I like this as a gift idea because most anyone of any age could use a pretty composition book cover, whether they are headed to third grade or to a meeting.

gift-bagI also got a little crafty with the idea of reusable gift bags. I saw these hefty vinyl bags at the Dollar Tree. They are the size of small gift bags, but made out of the same stuff as the reusable shopping bags. I laminated a gift tag and tied it to the bag with ribbon, then wrote the appropriate names in dry-erase marker on the tag. I’m hoping it can be regifted many times.

paintingpotFor Mother’s Day we used this Pinterest idea and decorated pots for the grandmothers. The big kids painted the sky and clouds, then Daphne lent her wee little footprints as the butterfly wings. I thought these turned out to be quite charming gifts and I liked that they involved all three kids.