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The fox party


And in real time, the fox party arrived shortly after our preparations–in blog time, it seems to have taken a bit longer! I carved a fox stamp using this very easy kit, then stamped our napkins and the children’s hands. I needle-felted the little fox from wool roving.


Worth chose a snack mix at Target that he thought looked most authentically like fox food, which we supplemented with pretzel rods for their stick-like shape. The other needle-felted woodland animals I’d made for Worth’s baby mobile joined the fox as table decorations. I took the fox fabric left over from shirt and pressed the edges under to make a temporary table topper.


I used the little fox graphic I designed for the invitation to decorate our cups. I printed them on cardstock in 1 inch circles, then used my 1-inch craft punch to cut them out, and we glued them to the cups.


Worth was so excited to be turning “plain 4,” which is his designation for the age that comes right before 4-and-a-half.

A cardboard banner declared our purpose.IMG_0837

And my printer and more cardstock got our china cabinet in on the action.


Worth got his very own camera as a gift, which means I’ve now had hundreds of opportunities to see the world from Worth’s perspective. When I uploaded his photos to my computer and we browsed through them I found dozens of Worth selfies, a surprising number of very artistic snapshots of his plated meals, and a hefty collection of shots out the front of the car, including the back of my head and my arm, driving.case

And of course he needed a camera bag to fit the theme, so I made him a little padded pouch from the fox fabric. I think my boy’s transition to “plain 4” was a success.

Getting ready for a fox birthday



Like many other kids, mine have fallen prey to that funny What Does the Fox Say video. Inspired by this love, Worth decided to have a fox-themed fourth birthday party. I made him this 70s-style shirt from a pattern in the book Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Make a Handmade Wardrobe. I wasn’t planning to sew snaps on the shirt since he intended to wear it open, and because brown snaps (plus shipping) were going to cost almost as much as I paid for the cute fox fabric, but the birthday boy complained, so (expensive) snaps were added subsequent to the picture-taking.

I decided to make small gifts for Worth’s party guests instead of the usual little baggie of throw-away goodies. I sewed sleeves for standard composition books then ironed on fusible printer transfer paper circles with the kids’ names on them and a little fox I designed on the computer. The sleeves were easy to make and slip easily over the books, can be reused, and are appropriate for party guests of either gender, which is something I was going for. I’m not sure they were as exciting to take home as bags of candy and plastic frogs, but hopefully they will prove to be a more lasting and useful gift.


This is the invitation I make for Worth’s party. I haven’t done much with computer graphic stuff in a while, and while I’m far from proficient or professional, I was pleased with how these turned out and was happy to test the waters in a crafty/homemade area outside my usual sphere. Worth certainly thought they looked fine because they contained a fox–his one requirement!