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And more goodies!


Earrings designed and strung for a friend (actually these were a holiday-season birthday gift). flower-hat

A crocheted hat for a small friend.

tagsAnd simple but sweet homemade tags. I don’t do anything fancy with my gift wrapping, but if I can stick a handmade tag on it then somehow the gift feels more lovingly packaged. This year I used scrapbook paper and craft punches.

Excitement is running high at my house! I’m baking goodies every day and I have almost all the wrapping done. I’m loving the age my kids are this year, and that as they get older the holidays seem to be both more relaxed and more exciting at the same time. We’ve got a routine to fall into and an expected schedule of when we’ll see our extended families, and without having to fret over the big picture events we can concentrate on the fun stuff–and just sitting back and letting it all happen. I don’t know if I’ll check in next week or not; merry Christmas to you and yours!


A wee elf


bunting bunting2These photos are from October, back before the computer died. I made a baby sleep sack or bunting, or whatever you  want to call it, and a sweet little elfish hat to go with it. I bought this yarn in 2008 when we were just starting to entertain the idea of a second child. I thought this warm. soft alpaca would make a darling bunting and hat for a baby of either gender. But then somehow I never even got around to starting the project for Worth, so it’s a good thing I had a third baby and was able to use this yarn! I based the sack around the Zodiac pattern on Ravelry, but kind of did my own thing with it. The hat, likewise, is just a typical knitted baby beanie, but at the second-to-last decrease I stopped decreasing and just added length instead. The sack is beautifully warm and wonderful for cozy days at home, but unfortunately isn’t car seat friendly, so it hasn’t gotten as much use at it deserves. The hat she is wearing constantly, because we figured out that when she’s stuck to the front of me in the mei tai and is wearing this hat with the tip sticking up, it looks just like I’m babywearing one of Santa’s little helpers and it makes every single person I encounter get a big grin on their face. It’s like my tiny Christmas gift to all the other Costco shoppers.

tagsAnd speaking of the baby and Christmas joy, I couldn’t resist using her sweet face on our gift tags this year. I used craft punches on photographs, then stuck them to card stock with a glue stick. Add a quick little rubber-stamped message, and I have the cutest gift tags ever. 🙂

Holiday puttering


Such a busy time of year! We’re making homemade granola and putting it in jars for teachers and sitters…

crafting up cute gift tags, baking cookies, using too much tape, running late to events, forgetting to water the tree, thoroughly enjoying the season, and being so thankful we’re not moving like this time last year!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Advent season!