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A DSLR camera bag


camera-bagI’ve been neglecting to post about some camera bags I’ve made recently because I wanted more pics, but I don’t have any so here goes anyway. I made the camera bag in the picture for my mom, and I made another with a pretty chevron print for my sister-in-law. Both are basic fabric bags made from sturdy home decorator fabric, but lined with a soft pad on the bottom and then snaked inside with a long strip of padded fabric to move around and adjust to perfectly cushion the camera and accessories. I was initially hesitant to construct a camera bag because of the necessity of good padding, but I think the long cushy strip works pretty well. For my sister-in-law’s bag I used a purse pattern from a book; for this one I cut side panels the size of standard copy paper, snipped and sewed triangular slits in the corners to give it some shape, then attached them with a long side panel strip of fabric 6 inches wide. For the top sewed a zipper to two strips, then cut the zipper panel to be six inches wide as well. The boxy shape seems particularly handy for accessing the contents. Mom wanted a neutral fabric that wouldn’t shame my father when it was his turn to carry it around, so I chose the map print appropriate to all their retirement travels.

New fall things


I wanted to blog about this dress so I used the very high-tech method of setting my camera on the dresser and shooing the dog out of the way to try and take my own photo. I always feel a little self-conscious modeling my own creations anyway, but I feel especially goofy trying to take my own picture. Oh well…here it is. An acquaintance gifted me this brown fabric with little cream-colored flowers all over it. There was a lot of yardage and I really liked the drape of the fabric (maybe it is a rayon?) but I wasn’t into the bland colors. I bought a box of tangerine-colored RIT dye and soaked the brown fabric in a bucket, with the fabric intentionally twisted and wrinkled up, and I didn’t stir the dye. The result was just what I wanted; there are splotches and waves of the orange color swirling through the brown and showing up in the little pale flowers. It looks sort of tie-dyed but dressier. Then I did the same thing to some cream-colored cotton broadcloth I already had on hand, and I cut it up to make bias tape and the bow.

I used New Look 6349 as the base for this dress but I altered it in a number of ways. I had to make the shoulders narrower, and then it still bagged in the front so I put some ruching in the bust area before I sewed on the bias tape. I think my favorite thing about this pattern might be the sleeves. I often dislike commercial pattern sleeves because they seem too puffy, but this one has enough fullness at the top to let me move my arms freely but it doesn’t look like I’m going for some goofy Elizabethan ruffled look. I think I’m really going to enjoy wearing this dress around this fall. I can throw a cardigan over it and wear it all the way through Thanksgiving, with the browns and orange.

I made this fall purse out of a sturdy indoor/outdoor fabric that I’m hoping will wipe clean easily if need be. I used the folklore bag pattern from the One-Yard Wonders book. It could be a little roomier for someone who still has to tote diapers around sometimes for my boy who is afraid of “big” potties (we often travel with a small potty chair), but it’s not a bad size in general and I liked the pattern.

I made a little bag to tuck inside and organize my sundries out of scraps from Belle’s bed. Now I feel all coordinated this season!