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A peacock skirt


peacock-skirt1 peacock-skirt2I found this beautiful peacock fabric last summer at a local fabric shop. I didn’t know what to do with it but I couldn’t walk away with out, so I compromised by only buying one yard. That was a big mistake because of course everything I could think of to make with it after I got it home required MORE than one yard of fabric. Sigh… But finally I decided that it absolutely had to be a skirt, and since one yard of fabric does not make a respectable skirt for a size 10 mama I had to get creative. I used a thrift-store cream-colored sheet to help me out, fabric-wise, and then there are a couple oddly-place seams in this skirt, but I think that with such a bold pattern you don’t really notice. I jazzed up the cream band at the bottom by adding interesting stitches in various colors of thread. This was a very ad hoc project, with a seam here and some ruffles there and is this enough fabric to go around my rear end? But it turned out pretty well and I wore it this weekend with a cream-colored sweater and boots and I loved it. I’m hoping it’ll be equally at home with a t-shirt and sandals this summer.

An impromptu wool skirt






This is an awkward collection of photos of an otherwise cute skirt. It’s hard to get blog photos of an object that is basically made to cover my own bottom.

My husband had a work-related event last week that involved taking me to the track for the afternoon (that’s a horse track–I’m in Kentucky) to spend the afternoon gambling and drinking with strangers. Hmm. It was a chilly day and I knew I’d have to be outside part of the time, so I wanted to wear something comfortable and warm. I was thinking on the morning of the event that if I had a charcoal-colored knee-length skirt to wear with a sweater and boots it would be perfect. Then I remembered that I had an old charcoal-colored wool blanket downstairs in my fabric stash that I’d picked up at a thrift store last year. Why not see if I could whip up a simple skirt to wear that afternoon? I set Dorothy to some independent school work and fetched the blanket.

Unfortunately one of my cats seemed to have found the wool blanket on the low shelf where it was being stored and had been using it as a napping spot. No problem, the skirt wouldn’t require much fabric–I just cut some skirt-shaped pieces from a non-hairy part of the blanket. I didn’t use a pattern, just eyeballed the shape of panels from another skirt and cut an appropriately-sized waistband. The boiled wool wouldn’t fray so I didn’t even finish the top of the waist. I serged it all together with purposely exposed seams and a perky little button at the waist. I tugged it on over some tights and was pretty pleased, but decided I needed to press it out a bit because the wool had some creases. When I pressed the warm iron onto the wool I realized the problem–it smelled like stinky cat. In a very bad way. Ick.

Because this is my homemade blog, not a what-to-wear blog or a fashion blog or a how-not-to-stink-in-public blog I’m going to confess that I wore it anyway. Once the wool cooled I decided that no one would smell it if they didn’t press their nose right up against my skirt or apply heat to the wool–both quite unlikely. The skirt served its purpose perfectly that afternoon and I don’t think anyone would have guessed that it was an old blanket a few hours earlier in the day. I felt kind of crafty-powerful after my successful quick project. When I got home I gave the skirt a little rinse and soak in some lavender Eucalan and now it no longer stinks. What more could I ask?