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Yet another baby frock


bird-dress1 bird-dress2 bird-dress3This was the next installment in the Dresses for Daphne Before She Can Decline series. I love bird prints for her things since I made her baby bedding, mobile, and many of her bibs from bird prints. This print is Michael Miller’s Garden Walk Wing Song, accented with some bright red chevrons.  The pattern is one I used before in a smaller size, from Making Baby’s Clothes, and I did my own things with the ruffles. With my two-tiered ruffle on the bottom it’s just a wee bit long on her now, but with the loose fit she may be able to wear it over a red bodysuit this winter and as a cute sun dress in the spring too.

Such a “deer” little dress



Daphne was not only unwilling to sit still to model this dress, she also happened to be in the ugliest room in the house when it occurred me to to photograph her before she smashed some sort of dark-colored fruit all over the front of herself at next snack or mealtime. So please overlook the peach bathroom I’ve complained about before (ignoring it is what I try to do, until I learn to lay tile which is SO HAPPENING in summer 2015) and instead enjoy the cuteness of my little fall-colored wiggle worm in her new tunic. When I ran across this Dear Stella Woodland Deer print a few weeks ago I just had to have it. The coloring and general look of my baby just fit exactly right with this print. I wanted to buy a zillion yards and stockpile it and make her wear it to prom and her wedding too, but that seemed unreasonable so I bought a yard and made her a tunic instead. I based it on a pattern from the book Making Baby’s Clothes, which I should get a commission on because I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it but I recommend it all the time. It’s loose enough she can wear it over a long-sleeve bodysuit all winter, and she will, because (unlike for prom) I am still the one choosing her clothes now.

Christmas outfits


christmas-family christmas-kidsYou may not have noticed that I’ve been missing, but I have! Was I off dealing with that cute but rather fussy baby? Well, yes and no. My computer died almost a month ago, shortly after my last post, and it’s taken me this long to get the stupid thing replaced. First there is the denial (maybe it’ll come back to life!), then the half-assed attempt to fix it myself (will the vacuum cleaner help?), then the grief, then the period of pretending I know what the little numbers in a computer description mean so I can make a wise choice in a new one, then waiting for the damned sale to start (frustration is mounting!), then realizing that the stupid thing must ship from China (Costco, you’ve never done me wrong like this before!), and finally nearly knocking the poor FedEx guy over when he finally brought it to my door all these weeks later. In retrospect I should have just gone to a store and bought a machine that was more expensive but could have been in my hands immediately following the grief stage. My mental health is worth something, right?

Anyway, I seem to be up and running now (please, go knock on wood), and here I am. In the interim I’ve made matching Christmas outfits for my kids and they are cute. I bought a cotton plaid in Christmas colors at my local fabric store that seemed soft enough to put on a baby and used it for pants for Worth, a skirt for Dorothy, and a dress with bloomers for the baby. I also bought red t-shirts for the big kids from Children’s Place and painted a tree on the front with fabric paint. They have plans to embellish my tree with fabric paint ornaments themselves but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. Which basically means that the day Mommy could handle three kids, no computer, and permanent paint all the same day had not yet arrived, because it is still warm in hell. But I digress. The trees will be embellished in due time, before the outfits get worn on Christmas. That they were not yet embellished at the time of our Christmas-card picture-taking may have secretly been part of my plan all along, because who knows what they’ll look like after the kids go at them with paint. But if I had plans for a perfect Christmas card they went awry anyway, somewhere between not being able to get five people to look at the camera in a pleasant manner at the same time and having hair that mysteriously poofed into the shape of Church Lady hair on the day we took the picture. I promise the shape of it in this photo has nothing to do with my usual hairstyle or my actual theology, and it calmed down later and fell into a more natural-looking, messy, lefty-Presbyterian style. But I’m rambling. Just so glad to be back online.

Worth’s pants are from the book Sewing for Boys, Dorothy’s pleated skirt is McCall’s Easy Stitch N Save M5909, and Daphne’s dress and bloomers are from Making Baby’s Clothes. I need to make some elastic adjustments yet on the skirt and pant waistbands so they don’t fall off and ruin Christmas, but other than that they turned out well. Though I have to admit that after finishing two whole Christmas outfits and still needing to make one whole Christmas outfit it did occur to me that I actually have three whole kids now and that that’s kind of a big deal. Like, a lot of kids. But it’ll be fine–at least I’m online again. Oy!

Baby dresses


green-dressThis week I’m making baby dresses. I got this book “Making Baby’s Clothes: 25 Fun and Practical Projects for 0 – 3 Year Olds” by Merrett from Amazon.com recently and was so happy when it came. The reviews had been pretty good, but I would never have purchased a sewing book without being able to see the list of patterns or at least a nice sampling of them if the book hadn’t cost less than $8.00. At that price I decided to buy it based on its 4.5 stars and hope for the best. It truly is such a great bargain; the patterns are very cute, the pattern pieces are reasonably easy to trace (they are full-sized, and although they overlap they are easier to see through the tracing paper than the patterns from other much more expensive sewing books on my shelf), and the instructions are clear. This little dress was my first project from this book. It’s 0-3 month size and it looks like it will actually fit a newborn, unlike many commercial patterns I have sewn that look like they’ll actually fit a nine-month-old. I made it for the new baby to wear with a sweet pair of blue longies knitted for newborn Worth by a friend of mine. I don’t have any problem putting girl babies in blue, but I thought that making a dress specifically to go with the longies would make them special all over again and thwart annoying people at the supermarket from calling my girl baby a “he” at the same time.

green-dress2This close-up shows how the neckline is constructed. The overlapping panels are the same on both sides, and will be cute and (I think) easy to get on and off over baby’s head. I stuck to the pattern instructions pretty faithfully, except I turned under satin ribbon to make the sleeve hem so they’d be soft on baby’s wrist and just a nice little detail.

bird-dress2This dress is from the same book. It’s intended as a summer dress, but I’m thinking my newbie will wear it over a plain white footie or maybe a long-sleeve onesie. The fabric is extras from her crib bedding, which I have yet to show-and-tell because I still need to finish the matching mobile, but it’s this along with some coordinating prints and it’s so sweet. I’m thinking this little dress will be cute around Christmastime (it’s 0-3 month also) without being overtly holiday-themed.

bird-dressHere’s a better photo of the fabric and the front placket. Can’t wait to see these in action!