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Baby’s crib and mobile


Here are some pictures of the crib bedding I made for Daphne before she was here. I made a couple fitted sheets, the skirt, the quilt, the nursing pillow cover, the little bag hung from the end to hold sundries, and the mobile. The quilt is just strips sewn together, cut diagonally, then sewn back together in a different direction. I think the nursing pillow pattern was Butterick. The birds are from the book One Yard Wonders, and everything else was measured to fit our mini crib. The birds on the Love & Joy fabrics go with the bird theme in my bedroom but are girly sweet for Miss Daphne.

quiilt3 quilt1 quilt2 quilt4 quilt5

*Disclaimer: Before you turn me in to child protective services, the blanket and pillow in the crib with the newborn are for demonstration purposes only, blah, blah, blah…

Ooh Baby, Baby


momandbabyThanks for the well wishes! We’re doing great. This is me with Daphne the morning after she was born. When did hospital portraits get so fancy? Her birth went fine and we got to go home 24 hours after she was born. I am so uncomfortable during pregnancy, but each time I have felt great once it’s over. What a relief!

attic-roomHere is the room Worth and Daphne will share. Daphne obviously is not sleeping in this bed yet (though it is a nice space for sister cuddling while Mom brushes her teeth!), but I outfitted the attic room kind of like a kid dorm, with two dressers, night stands, and beds. The beds and dressers are the IKEA items I bought unfinished this summer and assembled and stained green. Daphne’s dresser is stocked with her little clothes and the wire basket rolled under the bed holds her diapering supplies. The beautiful quilt on the foot of her bed has birds on it and was made jointly by my mother and her mother, who is the Novema of Daphne’s middle name.

monogrammed-pillowThis is a better view of the pillows I made for the kids’ beds. Daphne’s has a D painted on in fabric paint, and Worth’s has his W and is made in a coordinating print.

crochet-dressAnd here is Daphne wearing her Pretty in Pink Sundress from the book Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies by Jane Davis. It was a simple pattern and looks sweet in this soft wool blend yarn.