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Over-socks for under boots


booties booties2I have a footwear problem. I have a 7-and-a-half size foot, but some boots only come in whole sizes. So my comfy shearlings and my waterproof wellies are just a wee bit big. I decided I needed some nice thick slipper-socks to wear over my regular socks, both to keep my feet extra warm and to improve the fit of my boots. I used this free pattern for chunky slippers, and bulky wool-blend yarn. I made the pattern a little smaller, with both 2 fewer stitches around the foot, and 1 inch less in length, because my foot is on the small end and because I wanted them to be snug over my socks and not bunch up inside my boots. The pattern knitted up very quickly and the idea was a success. As I was knitting them, I couldn’t help thinking “there is probably something like this at Target and I could just buy them and find out that they bunch under my boots without going to the trouble of knitting them myself!” but actually I don’t think I could have found something comparable in a small size and a wool blend. And they don’t bunch up, so hooray! I’ve worn them under both my pairs of slightly-too-big boots, and they are perfect. They also improved the warmth of my wellies, which aren’t really insulated snow boots but serve as such for a Kentucky girl like me.

Slippers for Maggie, and a personal confession too


slippers Before I write about these sweet slippers for my niece I have a confession to make. I’ve been working on a very homemade thing but not blogging about it one bit, and it’s been taking all my time and energy, sapping my strength, making me sick, and requires no talent or ingenuity to make–I’m going to have a baby! In another week or so I’ll be over this first trimester and hopefully (if prior experience holds true) feeling more like myself again, back off the sofa, and back at the sewing machine or yarn bag. Then the explosion of cute homemade baby things will (hopefully) start, and if all goes well in the first half of October I’ll be making another post something like this one from three years ago.

Back to these slippers, though…I crocheted these in the first first week after I found out about my pregnancy, when I realized I probably only had 10 days or so between finding out the news and having the morning (all-day?) sickness yuckies hit, so I better stockpile everything crafty I’d need for the next two months. I made both of my kids’ birthday outfits and both nieces’ birthday gifts during those busy ten days. These were a birthday gift for my niece Maggie who turned four last week. I crocheted them using this pattern from Ravelry using Wool of the Andes yarn from Knitpicks.

slippers-sideThe pattern worked up quickly, although I’m not sure if there weren’t a few errors in the stitch counts. I would add or subtract a stitch or two to keep my stitch count on par with the pattern in the various rows, but I was off often enough during both slippers that I’m inclined to think the pattern itself was in error on some rows. I think there was some inconsistency about whether they wanted me to crochet in the first stitch on the other side of the turning chain or not. But in any case, it was no trouble to adjust mine a bit to stay consistent with the pattern (don’t want two slippers that aren’t the same size!) and the final result is as cute as can be. I used fabric glue to attach the little flowers, and I made soles out of this Slipper Gripper stuff and glued them to the bottom so Miss Maggie won’t go sliding all over her hardwood floors in these.