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An emerald sweater for me



Every year on our anniversary in June my husband gives me a gift according to some list he has regarding traditional anniversary gifts. So on our first anniversary, he got me something made of paper (a book), year two was cotton, etc. This June we were up to number 12, so my gift was to include silk. After a dozen years of marriage I’ve learned to be very helpful where anniversary gifts are concerned, so several weeks before our anniversary I sent him a list of silk blend yarns that would make a nice gift for me, with hints for color and yardage. Just trying to be a helpful wife, you know! He took the hint and bought me a box of KnitPicks’ Gloss DK yarn in┬áJade. I was wanting a short-sleeve sweater that could go on its own in the fall or layered under long sleeves all winter. I chose this Summer Violet pattern by DROPS Design. The pattern was great, and I’m surprised I got the sweater done as quickly as I did given how little knitting I felt like I did all summer. I did add two inches to the length and a few extra repeats with decreases to the yoke. The silk/merino blend is very comfortable and I can’t wait to wear it this winter. I just need to come up with some sort of plan for staying away from my constantly-yogurt-covered toddler when I’m wearing it, because I’m pretty sure my handwash-only sweater and my yogurt-covered-toddler might have trouble getting along.