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Hats all around


hatsThis was a project a long time in the making! My husband bought this pretty Jelli Beenz yarn for my birthday in July 2013, when I was seven months pregnant with Daphne. He went to a local yarn store and asked the clerk to help him buy something that could make a project for his wife or any or all of our children. She set him up with four balls of this pretty multi-colored yarn, and I decided to make hats. I made Worth and Dorothy’s last fall and they wore them all winter. My own went onto the needles right after, but infant Daphne didn’t feel like I really needed to be doing much knitting, so that’s where things stayed for about a year. Now as fall is peeking at us around the corner again, I resumed work on my own hat, finished it, and worked up Daphne’s little bitty one in short order. Hers needed to be last anyway because her head size changes faster than anyone else’s! I’m hoping that having three mobile children in matching hats makes it easier to keep track of everyone on field trips or at the park. Can’t hurt, right? Daphne got irritated with her hat immediately and ripped it off as soon as I put it on. But magically, after she saw me put on my hat, then watched as the other kids clambered to show off theirs, she allowed us to put hers back on and she laughed out loud when she realized she was included in this new matching hat game. It’s good, clean baby fun, folks. 🙂

travel-thingsMy beat-up overnight bag needed retirement, so I bought a cute new blue polka-dot one one sale recently.  But of course a new store-bought bag needs some handmade upgrades, and I was on it. I made a zippered pouch to hold toiletries and a cute luggage tag to make it mine, inspired by one I found on Pinterest. I have to say that I was a little late to the Pinterest party–I didn’t really get what I could use it for. But now that I’ve figured out how to make it work for me (I want to sew a new luggage tag, I will type “luggage tag DIY” into the search field and browse photos while I nurse my baby to sleep) I’m glad to have it as a tool.

baptism-cardI’ve been enjoying playing with the new chalkboard fonts I downloaded after reading this blog post recently. I made Daphne’s invitation, which I shared earlier, and then I made these little bookmark/card thingies for my sweet nieces on the occasion of their baptisms. My own handwriting kind of sucks is not very pretty, so I’m enjoying this little technology-enabled back door into the chalkboard writing craze.

A travel tote bag


tote-frontThis tote bag was inspired by the fabric, which I saw recently at my local Hobby Lobby and had to buy on the spot. When I saw it I knew I had to buy it, and that it needed to become a tote bag. The print has the shapes of all the states and their capitals and some cute little picture associated with each state. Kentucky, appropriately enough, has a horse. I didn’t use a pattern but cut the shape similar to one I saw in a book recently. I attached the straps like tank-top straps instead of tote bag straps, so the bag kind of scrunches up when I carry it. I thought this would be a fun tote for our summer journeys, whether or not we actually leave our own state. It seems like warm weather always sees me throwing water bottles, sunhats, and a snack or two in a bag and heading out the door. Of course I had to incorporate my new embroidery machine toy into the project somehow, so I put my initials on the front pocket.

tote-insideI lined the bag with a thrift-store sheet for added body and durability, and put a pocket inside and made a little button tab closure to keep all our goodies from spilling out. Now I just need some more warm, pretty days like today to use it! There is something very satisfying, when one is pregnant, about buying or making something that will not be outgrown over the course of the next few months.